Computer Lab:
In the present day world, computer knowledge has become must to live in. The school lays emphasis on computer education from Class-I onward. The school has one computer lab equipped with all facilities. Students are encouraged to use the internet. The students can use computer in 1:2 ratio.

Composite Science Laboratory:
To impart sound practical knowledge, the composite science laboratory has been developed where students can gather firsthand experience on physics, chemistry and biology. The lab is fitted with different instrument like concave and convex mirror, magnifying glass, prism, pendulum, thermometer, compass, spring balance, chemicals, test tube, conical flask etc. for physics and chemistry and models, charts and other required materials for biology.

Mathematics Lab:
The concept of mathematics laboratory was developed in 2005, with an aim to give some practical concept of mathematics. The lab has been developed to inculcate analytical and logical thinking among the students. The lab enables the teachers to explain, demonstrate and re-enforce mathematical ideas by using concept objects, models, charts, graphs, pictures and posters.
The laboratory is a novel concept, which enables students to learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify facts and theorems using tools of mathematics.

Language Lab:
The school has a computerised language laboratory.
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Valley View School, Lakhimpur ,a co-educational English medium school, made its humble beginning in January,2013 under the aegis of For All In The Humanity (FAITH) a non-proprietary NGO registered under the Registration of Societies Act XXI, 1860 with promises of quality education and social commitment.
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