The motto of the House is Purity. The Emblem bears blue colour with water drops. Jal or water is precious. Without water no plant and animal of the universe cannot live. Pure water keeps us healthy and keeps us away from diseases.
Like “Jal” vayu’s (air) existence have become possible for us to live. We get oxygen through Vayu. The motto of the House is harmony. Yellow colour is the colour of the House. Its emblem bears wind.
Invention of Agni is the first step of Human development. One should have determination to reach the goal. Therefore, the motto of the “Agni” is determination. The colour of the House is Red and the emblem bears the sun.
The green colour of the House signifies Tolerance. We get everything to live from Bhumi. Bhumi gives us food to live. The emblem of the Bhumi House enshrined the green valley

Wall Magazine

Wall magazine is a periodical run on a specified Board, where the students of an institution can post their articles, poems, drawings and other such composition to share with each other. It is an important means to enable the students to express their inner feelings. It also helps them in developing the positive and desirable qualities. We can compose or post articles of various types including writing based on current incidents, inspiring stories, poems, precious quotations, especially significant dates etc. The main objective of mobilizing wall magazine is to initiate writing tendency in pupil teacher and attract their attention on current incidents.  The Valley View School publishes wall magazines every year on 2nd October to mark The Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. On this day the Artefacts and Models prepared by students during the “Activity Work” is displayed for public viewing.


Valley View Reading - Learning Club (V.V.R.L.C)

The Valley View School has established Valley View Reading-Learning Club (V.V.R.L.C) with a view to promote the reading habit among the children and supplement to syllabus contents. Moreover, it also visualises to provide a platform of interaction between senior citizens and children, among other things. Within a period of 2 years it has acquired more than 1500 children books and about the same number of reference books along with atlas and encyclopaedia. VVRLC is the member of National Books Trust (NBT). It subscribes 8 (eight) children magazines in different languages by the end of 2014.
Membership in V.V.R.L.C. is open to all interested persons, particularly children, of Lakhimpur town. However, we have outlined the rules applicable to the students of Valley View School.
1. The students of Valley View School shall not pay security deposit or membership fees. However, they shall apply for membership and pay a sum of Rs. 50 for library cards.
2. Each member will be allotted two cards. In case of loss or damage, duplicate cards will be issued on payment of Rs. 25 per card.
3. Two stamp size photos shall be submitted.
4. Membership is renewable every year.
5. A maximum of two books shall be issued at a time for a period of two weeks. In case of late return a fine of Rs. 10.00 per week or a part of it shall have to be paid.
6. Children members shall be encouraged to participate in different competitions such as essay, debate, poster, ect. to be organised by VVRLC.
7. Books issue and return shall have to make during library periods classes of respective classes only.
8. Loss or damage of books shall have to be replaced or by paying three times of current price of the books.
9. Any damage to furniture or books or any other property of the VVRLC by any member shall be compensated from him/her.
10. There shall not be any writing or underlining in books. These will be considered as damage to the book.
11. Members shall maintain silence in the library.
12. Entry of infants and children below four years of age to the Library is restricted.
13. The committee of VVRLC reserves the right to amend any rules or clause therein when situation demands and the Committee deems fit and proper to do so without any notice. VVRLC any member shall be compensated from him/her.

Student Diary

Learning is a continuous process; it begins at home, progresses through school and matures with experience from real life situation. A child learns his/her first lesson at home with parents as the first teacher. School provides formal education to facilitate the growth of total potentiality in children in every field of life Here the child builds up the capacity to face the challenges of future so that the desires of parents are fulfilled and his/her dreams come true. Obviously, the future foundation of the child is laid at home in the guiding care of parents. The school builds up the edifice of future of the child atop that foundation. Of course, a strong edifice is built upon a strong foundation! Good manners, discipline and noble ideas that a child imbibes at home make his/her base of future strong. Needless to say, role of parents is indispensible to build up the future of a child to which school supplements meaningfully. Education is a tri-polar process with parents, teachers and children forming three axes of it. The child is at the receiving end with parents and teachers at the giving end.
Future of a child takes a meaningful path under joint efforts of parents at home and teachers in school. Just as two wheels are required to draw a chariot, so also the combined efforts of both parents and teachers in the school to drive the future chariot of the child to the safety. The school has its own vision, commitment and road map. What is required is a sincere involvement of parents to supplement the efforts of the school in the process of making a child’s future.

The school diary provides a platform for parent- teacher’s contact and interaction with the child at the centre.

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Valley View School, Lakhimpur ,a co-educational English medium school, made its humble beginning in January,2013 under the aegis of For All In The Humanity (FAITH) a non-proprietary NGO registered under the Registration of Societies Act XXI, 1860 with promises of quality education and social commitment.
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